The time is now. But then again, you’ve known that for years, haven’t you?

Yes! The time is now!

That goal of not only starting to write that book (the one you’ve been thinking about for—what?—years?) but also finishing and possibly publishing… That dream you’ve always come back to, regardless of the many years of resolutions and new routines and decisions to make this year the year…

This year I will write my book!

We know the feeling all too well—and we know how it feels to realise that yet another year has passed without so much of a fresh drop of ink (or strike of the keyboard) marking that plain, white document.

But, you see, there is no time like the present. Now is the time.

When surveying those with the dream of someday writing and publishing a book, we found one very common theme: fear. Fear was what we identified as holding back so many aspiring writers and would-be authors. The fear of failure. The fear of being no good at the whole ‘writing thing’. The fear of sitting down to begin and either getting lost or altogether not knowing where to start.

And for those who have written and published, who have managed to somehow manoeuvre the commonly perceived treacherous Author Land, there is one common statement voiced in their direction: I’d love to write a book but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Would a Writers’ Blueprint help? A checklist detailing the various tasks and stages? Something written in black and white that could help you to break down this seemingly huge, overwhelming task into more manageable, bite-sized chunks?

Would it help if we steered you in exactly the right direction…?

Yes! Let’s do this!