Author, Editor, Publisher, Business lecturer, Mummy, Sister, Friend, Coffee lover and Bibliophile.

The philosophy underpinning the beginnings and subsequent journey of my career has centred on one thing: book-creation. The world of books and all at its core, whether writing, editing, publishing, marketing, browsing or reading, has shaped and influenced my life as a whole.

It is this love of books, coupled with the knowledge that 80% of Western populations hold the common goal of wanting to write a book, that has driven me to not only pursue my own career in book-writing and the operations pivotal to the book-creation machine, but to build a worldwide community afforded with the same opportunities.

I believe in facilitating book-writing and -creation for all, irrespective of time constraints, lifestyle choices, geographic location or budget. And it is this belief that has brought to life my brand.

As a qualified and experienced proofreader and copy editor, a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, a publishing consultant, and a business lecturer and mentor in the writing and publication of books, I have come to develop a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning ten years, which can now be redirected for the benefit of the world’s book lovers.

And, as a result of much market research and communication with clients from every corner of every book, I am now able to offer the following:

  • Book publishing services, taking a work from a rough manuscript through to worldwide on-sale status.
  • An exclusive education portal through Notebook Academy, teaching the intricacies of writing, typesetting, publication and marketing, provided through an in-depth, comprehensive and all-encompassing twelve modules, complete with one-to-one assistance whenever required.
  • Webinars and seminars, held across the world, teaching the secrets behind Book Blueprinting through a very exclusive service facilitating individuals and businessmen and -women to open their own publishing houses, complete with my guidance.
  • VIP services, including ‘Done For You’ book-coaching, book-writing and -publication programmes, and the opportunity to build and establish fully operational book-creation machines, all with my professional expertise and assistance whenever required.
  • Plus a multitude of low-cost and free resources to aid in the journey of all of the above book-related pathways, whether you remain a learner, a writer, an author or a publisher.

The mission is simple: to allow book lovers across the globe to achieve their potential in writing and publication, and to enable them to touch the world through their words, forever left in print.