We’re in July—and Look at All We’ve Achieved

July is here. And we all know what that means. First and foremost, we're halfway through 2019... How did that happen? Where did those 6 months go? They passed most of us by in a complete blur! It is the hope, however, that a lot was still achieved. At Notebook, this past 6 months has … Continue reading We’re in July—and Look at All We’ve Achieved

Manuscript Mondays

The weeks are long, some say; Monday through to Friday drags, whilst the weekend flits by in a moment, and before we know it, Monday is back again. At Notebook Publishing, we don't feel that way: the days are all amazing, full to bursting with incredible talent, beautiful individuals, and dream-chasing writers seeking to become … Continue reading Manuscript Mondays

Authors’ Main Aim Pains 1 of 5: Quality Output

During our time spent in the publishing world—and not only that, but during our founder's time spent in the world of writing and Copy Editing for other writers—it has become very clear that modern-day writers striving to achieve their writing- and publishing-related goals come to experience a number of key, defining Aim Pains. It was … Continue reading Authors’ Main Aim Pains 1 of 5: Quality Output

The Notebook Publishing Ethos

Every business has its starting point; that initial idea or spark of something. The desire to satisfy someone or something; the need to solve a problem... Notebook Publishing was launched in its bid to overcome common Pain Points, as experienced by publishing writers across the globe—and not only Pain Points, but, in some cases, the … Continue reading The Notebook Publishing Ethos