Cover Reveal: ‘Becoming Dad’ by J.C.W. Helmkamp

And here we have, in all its amazing Autumn-inspired, boat-themed glory, the beautiful cover for J.C.W. Helmkamp's debut novel, 'Becoming Dad'. The 'epic quest for parental perfection' is a tale like no other, told like never before, from aboard The Grace. You can all but feel the breeze dancing on your skin; responsible for the … Continue reading Cover Reveal: ‘Becoming Dad’ by J.C.W. Helmkamp

March Update

March. It brought with it the spring. It brought new beginnings and encouraged buds to venture to the surface of tree branches. It painted greener views and allowed a sweeter scent to dance on the breeze. It marked a turn in temperatures, encouraged people to smile more easily, and directed our attention to all that … Continue reading March Update