There are some questions we are commonly asked during the publishing process. As such, please find below some of these questions and their answers. Should the information detailed not be sufficient, however, please always feel free to Contact Us.

1. Who owns the copyright to my work?

You, as the writer/author of the book, retain complete copyright over your work. Publishing through Notebook Publishing does not mean any of your rights are forfeited or assigned to us or indeed any other party. We facilitate publication whilst ensuring you retain all the control over your work you would if you were self-publishing.

2. How can copyright be registered?

Depending on the publishing package you opt to secure for your work, Copyright Registration may very well be included, which will be dealt with at our end, with proof of registration and copyright forwarded on to you as part of our services. Should Copyright Registration not be included, however, there are a number of ways to ensure your work is protected; one of our publishing consultants will be more than happy to discuss this with you. You may also purchase this through us as an Add-On service.

3. Who are your partners?




  • Amazon
  • The Canadian general market segments, including chain retailers, independent retailers, internet stores, library suppliers, university college book stores, and wholesalers
  • Chapters/Indigo.

Australia and New Zealand:

As much as this list is not an extensive breakdown of every one of our retailers, distributors and wholesalers, nonetheless, we believe it provides valuable insight into the connections and networks through which Notebook Publishing provides its publication services. Accordingly, irrespective of our UK base, our authors benefit from an extensive, world-spanning presence, allowing their books to be sold and read by book-loving populations across the globe.

4. How can I order a shipment of my books?

Upon publication, it is common for Notebook Publishing’s authors to want to order large volumes of their book to sell to friends and family, and within the local community and further afield, such as through book signings, book fairs and countless other fields. Placing an order for books is simple, and we do not stipulate a minimum quantity.

As much as books can be ordered through book sellers, such as Amazon, this would mean paying the RRP (and possibly shipping costs), which would equate to no profit for the author (until the point of receiving any earned royalties). As such, Notebook allows an author’s books to be purchased by the author at only the print cost, with the inclusion of shipping and a minimal per-order handling charge. (We, as a publisher, do not add-on any additional charges for the ordering of books.) In many cases, this allows Notebook’s authors to earn a minimum of 50% profit on each and every copy sold, although it is common for this to be more.

As each book’s print charges differ owing to various factors (book size, paper, page count, format, colour, etc.), our authors are encouraged to contact us direct with details of how many books they would like to order. In turn, we will be able to advise on the total cost for the order and how quickly these can be shipped, allowing the real fun to begin!

5. Where can books be delivered?

Books can be delivered anywhere in the world; however, it is worth considering that there will be varying shipping costs involved depending on the delivery location. 

Notably, we have printing and distribution centres located in the UK, USA and Australia, and so shipments within these countries will therefore be more economical than shipments to other countries.

6. How often are royalties paid?

Royalties are paid monthly, three months following publication. Notably, this is when we, at Notebook Publishing, receive any funds for books sold through our channels. Essentially, whenever we receive royalties for books sold, these are passed straight on to our authors.

7. Do you take a cut of royalties earned?

No, absolutely not. We believe in our authors retaining all rights—and that includes all monetary rewards. Notably, however, we do charge 5% for the processing of royalties, meaning we charge 5 pence in every British Sterling Pound to cover transactional fees incurred as a result of both receiving and passing on your royalties. 

8. How do you pay royalties?

You can opt to receive your royalties either via direct bank deposit (UK bank accounts only) or otherwise via PayPal.

9. Am I free to approach wholesalers, retailers and distributors myself?

Absolutely—and we would encourage you to do so! Unless you have opted for a publishing package including marketing, approaching wholesalers, retailers and distributors is an absolute must! Although we open up a large number of channels for your book to be stocked, we tend to work alongside the world’s major players in the Book World, meaning there is huge scope left for you to tap into, such as through independent sellers and local stores.

10. Do you provide marketing services?

Yes, of course, although our marketing services differ depending on the publishing package chosen. Our publishing consultants are on-hand to assist you in identifying the very best marketing approach and publishing package to meet your needs.

11. How are book signings set up?

This is something you can set up yourself, and our publishing consultants are on-hand to provide you with any advice and tips you may need in this regard. However, depending on the publishing package you have opted for, we are positioned to make contact with and try to set up book signings for you! This creates a significant and very valuable opportunity for you as a writer, author and brand to sell more copies of your book, build up a reading audience and fan base, and achieve some much sought-after exposure in the Book World! 

As with other aspects, however, book signings are at the store’s discretion in consideration to the book itself and its genre, and so this is always something to bear in mind! 

Should you have any further questions not addressed above, or otherwise require more information on the answers provided, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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