Publishing. One of the latter stages in the beautiful journey of book-writing, becoming an author, and achieving that often-held life-long ambition. But prior to publication is, of course, the writing—and, as we at Notebook have learnt throughout the years, it is this that can often be at the root of the most confusion, the feelings of doubt and failing confidence, and the lack of direction.

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Where do I begin? How should it end? And what about the middle?

I can’t do this. I’m not good enough.

How do I tie-up loose ends?

How do I turn a jumble of ideas into a book?

How do I go about marketing my book?

Enter Coffee, Bed and Writing Your Book—our 12-module writers’ course, provided through our very own Notebook Academy.

Our course, available on a very exclusive basis, takes our aspiring writers through the various intricate stages of planning, creating a book blueprint, the entire writing process, publication, and all the way through to marketing and selling your book whilst working on your own personal brand—which, as an author, will automatically spring to life!

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