At the core of Notebook Publishing is only one thing: a passion for teaching writers across the world, writers just like you, how to take action to achieve their dreams of becoming an author. This passion spans cover to cover, the entire lifespan of a book, not only from the tiniest seedling of an idea, the penning of a manuscript and the completion of folios through to the editing, typesetting and publication, but all the way to the readers, the lovers of words and stories, scattered across the globe; readers who lose themselves in history, time-travel, life-changing love, sci-fi, fantasy, crime and thriller, and all that can be found beyond Narnia and Hogwarts.

We are passionate about books.

With this passion has developed not only a desire but a need to explore and understand the very intricacies of book-writing, publishing, and all that happens after—how books fall into the hands of their owners and how they change readers’ minds and souls forever.

In the search for knowledge, we have rejected the surplus and worthless, analysed and examined trends, completed market research, spoken to those at the very beginning of the process—the writers—and have then found ourselves with something very valuable:

A system that can be applied to create a powerful and all-encompassing book-creating machine.

We have one mission: to turn aspiring writers into successful authors. And it is with this in mind that we have come to build an academy of knowledge-seekers, all with a pen in-hand, and a community ready to release their books into the world.

There are some who want to learn how to translate their ideas onto the page.

Others need a book-writing recipe.

Then there are those with the completed manuscript who require printing and distribution.

And then there are a select few who want to know the ins and outs of the book industry and who strive to own their own publishing house.

All of these writers, aspiring and established authors, entrepreneurs and general book-lovers, regardless of their stage of progress, have a home here in the Notebook community. Whether it’s writing courses or seminars, publishing workshops or webinars, publishing services, global distribution or just free resources and advice, Notebook Publishing has you covered—not forgetting the incredibly valuable in-between aspects of editing, book cover design, advertising and marketing, book launches and ongoing promotion!

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,
    Two manuscripts – one 70,000 words, and the other 85,000 words – I wish to have copy-edit and proofread for publishing this April.
    I wonder if you are able to help, that is are you able to work with me to bring this to reality.

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