#IndieApril: Our Top 10

Our #IndieApril competition came to a close on May 31, 2019, and so we have spent the past few days going over the near-hundred different entries and finalising our Top 10.

However, sadly, we have had two of our finalists withdraw from the competition, but thankfully for the very best reason: they have received interest from an external publisher and therefore cannot have their book in-process elsewhere. And so, with that said, our Top 10 has become a Top 8. We wish the two withdrawn Top 10 writers every success, both now and in the future!

To recap, this competition offers no small prize for the winner. You can find details here but, in a nutshell, the winning writer will become an author with Notebook Publishing, and receive book-publication comprising the following:

  • The Notebook Publishing exclusive Welcome Kit
  • Paperback availability
  • E-book-availability
  • Cover design through our exclusive and copyrighted Cover Creation Code (©Notebook Publishing 2019)
  • Typesetting
  • ISBN assignment
  • Barcode generation
  • Digital formatting and distribution
  • Books In Print registration
  • Google search
  • Amazon search
  • Paperback books x10
  • Worldwide availability via Ingram Distribution, Barnes and Noble, Bertrams, and Amazon (to name a few)
  • Notebook Publishing’s Best Seller marketing strategy
  • Press Releases and exposure
  • Monthly royalty payments
  • Publisher–author support.

All of this at a value of US$6,595! A huge huge prize! 

It has been said by many, particularly those utilising the #NotebookFamily hashtag on Twitter, that Notebook Publishing has a fairy godmother in its midst, and when considering that this competition win could mean making a lifelong dream come true for that lucky winner, transforming them from writer to Author, we can see that might just be true! The only difference here is that the magic doesn’t run out at midnight…

So, without any further procrastination, the Top 10 writersnote: in no particular orderfor our Indie April competition, are as follows:

All of these entries were so incredible! We have an amazing balance between fiction and non-fiction, and then with historical fiction, romance, fantasy and everything in-between all thrown into the mix!

Each and every one of these writers deserve to be published by Notebook but, as we don’t have 8 publishing solutions to give away, we must now whittle down the winners into our Top 5, then Top 3, then Top 2 and then to the winner! Notably, this will be done by random raffle, with the results made public on both Twitter and Facebook, and the winner also contacted via email.

This has been an incredibly exciting competition, and we look forward to announcing the winner on June 7, 2019! Ensure you follow us on Twitter (at HayleyPaigeProf and NotebookPublish) to be the first to learn the news!

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