Presenting our Children’s Fiction Imprint: Emmie Press

It has been a long time in the making, but the demand during more recent times has reached an all-time high, and as anyone who has had any degree of involvement with Notebook knows, we listen to exactly what’s needed, what’s wanted, and strive to implement it.

With this in mind, we now wish to present our exclusive Children’s Fiction imprint, Emmie Press.

Our children’s fiction imprint will be home not only to works of fiction for the world’s youngest book-lovers, but also to those falling into the Middle Grade and YA age brackets. As has been discussed in a recent article, C. A. Klug will be the first of Emmie Press’s authors with the publication of her first in ‘The Sought Six’ series, The Sterling Cone.

Furthermore, in addition to the abundance of beautiful, magical, adventurous fiction we expect to publish through Emmie Press, we will also provide a home for non-fiction, meaning the huge number of writers looking to teach our children can now have their books in print with us. Educational textbooks are more than welcome at Emmie Press! 

And so it is now clear: not only are we forging an exclusive, hybrid pathway to book publication, but we are also focusing our efforts on expanding through the creation of additional paths, brick by brick, to varied destinations, whether that be to different genres or indeed other more exotic places (more reveals to come soon!). It is our hope that our children’s imprint will flourish and be as bold and bright and beautiful as Notebook Publishing as a whole! And not only that, but that some of the world’s most favourite characters will be born and brought to life with us.

Here’s to many years of publications with Emmie Press!

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