A Notebook Welcome to Emmie Press: C. A. Klug from Ontario, Canada

Certain things are worth waiting for. This is how we begin our next introduction.

Notebook Publishing is over-the-moon-proud to present to the World of Authors Miss C. A. Klug, soon-to-be published author of ‘The Sought Six’, a Children’s Fantasy quartet-in-the-making and the first publication of this genre.

As if the first Children’s Fantasy to be published through Notebook isn’t an exciting enough event, there is also the fact that Catherine is to be the first author publishing through Notebook’s children’s fiction imprint Emmie Press. This positions Miss Klug as not only our first Children’s Fantasy author but also the first author to belong to our new, colourful, children’s wonder-filled imprint. We are so delighted to have her.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Catherine is a genuine, caring and coffee-obsessive with one beautiful ambition: she wants to be the friendly face seen peering out of the back cover of children’s books, filling childhoods with joy, excitement, and favourite characters lovingly crafted by her own ink. She wants to make a difference; to shape the early memories of future generations and to incite in children a love for reading. She strives to be someone’s—many one’s!—favourite author.

And succeed she will…

‘The Sought Six’ takes the reader on adventures with main characters Jenna and Hallie (the twins), Alan, Jules, Thomas and Lindsay, all twelve years old. There will be magic. There will be creatures (some good and some not-so-good). There will be witches and forests, the odd human, and the occasional sword-wielding creature. All will be rife in Pawcombe, the mystical world providing the centre stage for this soon-to-be infamous fantastical working, crafted with the use of maple trees and pine trees, amongst others, and all in their respective cities.

Catherine is good-humoured, endlessly compassionate and empathetic, and a full-on supporter and championer for anyone with good motives and a clear focus on what they want to achieve. When she is not penning the next adventure, she can be found horseback riding, attempting to dance, or doing what any other almost-twenty-eight year old author would do: completing word searches in record time.

Another to join our growing and beautifully blossoming Notebook Family through Twitter’s Writing Community, Catherine is one to watch—and not only from the back cover of a book, but undoubtedly from everywhere. This writer is determined to leave a trail of children’s books in her wake, and is determined to be known. We have no doubt she’ll achieve her goal.

Welcome to Notebook Publishing, Catherine, and to Emmie Press. You are amazing!

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