A Notebook Welcome: Amanda Sinatra from Massachusetts

They say it’s not what you know, but it’s who you know, and sometimes it’s even a case of who the people you know know themselves…

The Writing Community on Twitter is solely responsible for the welcoming of one of our latest gems into the Notebook Family. Following us on Twitter, both she and her friend, Jon, author of contemporary adventure ‘Becoming Dad’, made the connection with Notebook. The rest, as they say, is history, but can be found in a sea of pages comprising hundreds of Twitter messages and inappropriate GIFs.

We present to the World of Authors our very lovely and beautiful Miss Amanda Sinatra, the soon-to-be published author of ‘Hollow’, a Young Adult Fantasy.

Amanda is twenty-five years old, and has achieved the sought-after balance of full-time education, writing, and Amanda time—something so many far older struggle to find. Though she may be young, her passion, drive, focus and determination tell another story. Now, on the pathway to achieving this lifelong dream of publishing, she knows anything is achievable.

Amanda will be progressing her book ‘Hollow’ through the editing process and right through to publication in 2019, with the team at Notebook helping her to finalise crafting her not-yet-complete manuscript. In the meantime, there will also be cover design, carried out through our exclusive Cover Creation Code © 2019.

Sweet, sentimental, witty and determined, Amanda is another amazing asset to our fast-growing circle of Notebook authors.

As with all other publications, ‘Hollow’ will benefit from comprehensive, typesetting, publication and worldwide distribution, and Best Seller marketing. Through such approaches, we are excited to see the progress of this fiction, the results it will achieve—and the waves Miss Sinatra can make!

Welcome to Notebook Publishing! You make #TeamNP that much brighter!

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