A Notebook Welcome to Black Cherry Publications: Katy B. Sweet

In our March update, we touched on the fact that we have just recently welcomed our first ever erotica writer, who is set to be the first author publishing with Notebook Publishing’s erotica imprint, Black Cherry Publications.  And so now, we officially want to welcome our very beautiful but undoubtedly naughty Katy B. Sweet.

This genre of literature is recognised for growing in popularity and is known for its wild pushing of boundaries. Miss Sweet’s work is of no exception, and is set to be a delight to fans of this category of work.

As with all of Notebook’s authors, Katy has a huge passion for what she does, and is in her happy place when writing and positioning her books in front of her growing audience. Before joining Black Cherry, she has enjoyed much success through other platforms. Now, her fan base is eagerly awaiting her publication through BCP.

A collection of naughty stories, all incorporating a spanking theme, Katy’s next release is set to be of huge popularity. We expect her work to fly off the shelves, followed by screams for more—and in that case, we’d be more than happy to continue publishing her work indefinitely.

Much like her namesake, Katy is one of the sweetest, loveliest and quick-witted authors we know, and we are delighted she is joining our eclectic circle. Katy is both a joy and a credit to our blossoming growth, and we are excited to see what she will achieve through our new and very exciting imprint.

Welcome to Notebook Publishing, Katy. Black Cherry Publications is incredibly lucky to have you as its first author!

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