A Notebook Welcome: J. C. W. Helmkamp from Mesa, Arizona

March was a spectacular month, during which we were able to meet and get to know a number of amazing, upcoming writing talents. It was during this time that we were able to officially welcome and start working with an incredible, talented, intuitive, goal-focused and very naturally gifted writer.

Jon Helmkamp has joined the Notebook Publishing writers’ circle, bringing vast amounts of ambition and drive, penning his debut novel in just a matter of weeks.

With the aim of taking his book ‘Becoming Dad’ through the editing process and right through to publication by the summer of 2019, John has chosen Notebook Publishing as his publisher and the driving force behind this project.

Jon is a deeply sentimental, witty, creative and far-reaching individual. With his ultimate goal centred on working with and penning words on a full-time basis, Jon has worked tirelessly—night and day—to craft and shape his first fiction. Living in Arizona, USA with his beautiful wife and two children, Jon is striving to juggle fatherhood with the life and wants of a writer.

It’s no accident that this fine balancing act provides the core of his book.

Together, we are working with Jon to get to the very route of the vision he holds for ‘Becoming Dad’, outlining an action blueprint for how we can help to ensure the attainment of his various aspirations whilst positioning him on a stage from which he can create a life based on books and their creation. This is set to follow the writing, editing and publication of a novel that, without question, adds a little something special to the world—something that will make a difference to the reading audience (soon-to-be fathers and new fathers alike) of this beautiful, poignant, key-milestone contemporary fiction.

As always, this will be done with the application of professional typesetting and cover design.

We will then publish and distribute the book across thousands of retail, wholesale and distribution channels, utilising our many different relationships and connections.

Our Best Seller marketing strategy will also be applied, with subsequent focus then directed towards book signings and subsequent publications.

With focus and determination like that possessed by Jon, coupled with the remarkable speed at which he can write one awe-inspiring chapter after another, we are excited to see where this journey will take this upcoming author. He is, without question, one to watch!

Welcome to Notebook Publishing

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